What is a soul? It’s like electricity - we don’t really know what it is, but it’s a force that can light a room.
— Ray Charles

Ever wonder what would happen if you put Snarky Puppy and Hiatus Kaiyote through the Large Hadron Collider? Superfluid Collective’s got the answer.

A blend of fusion and urban influences, Superfluid is a quasi-collective, multi-dimensional, poly-genre force of kinetic energy that spins velveteen lyrics across smooth grooves, silk Rhodes, and soulful guitars. On spaceship earth, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes form. This is true for individuals that make up Superfluid Collective. Ranging from Bengali, Iranian, Pubjabi M’ikMa’ki, English, Irish and Canadian backgrounds, the group has come together through a shared thirst for Olands and basement jams. The group’s experience of immigration is paralleled by their vagabond work ethic, moving between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for shows. A quintessential festival band, Superfluid is best experienced live.

The collective picks up rolling stones and skips them across astral rivers. Collective energy that creates crystalline visions, reflecting the virtues of a sustainable future. The band has a track record of playing shows for charity and donating funds made from their releases to causes. Doing their best to reduce-harm while falling down the rabbit hole,  Superfluid is conscious of the space they occupy.

Founder Shuvanjan Karmaker, who is the Bengali-Canadian catalyst for the collective, says of the group “I had always wanted to create a band that didn’t adhere to the limitations of a genre, or two or three. And this new found collective had just that intention; to make music.”


Shuvanjan karmaker -founder/keys/bass

Shuvanjan K. is the the founder and band leader of Superfluid Collective. Celebrating his influence of Bengali classical, Rhythm and Blues, Funk and Folk he embarked on a journey with his fellow comrades to deliver a sound he heard in his mind. One thing was for sure that the world around him would soon hear this sound as Superfluid Collective. From the resource scarce punk scene of Dhaka, Bangladesh he is now based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Working most of his days as Superfluid’s composer/manager/bass player, he is also found collaborating with singer-songwriters around the province.


Laura Gallant -Singer/guitar/bass

Laura wants to capture music like Ash wants to catch Pokemon. But, she'd rather make you dance than battle. She's determined to learn the art of harnessing the big and the hidden sounds that surround us. Her poetry holds a space somewhere between a stream of conscientiousness and a carefully crafted wooden ship. She known to frequently mesmerize coffee shop/pub crowds with her sweet voice and genuine personality when she is not helping make fans for Superfluid.


Brendan Melchin - Drummer

Taking inspiration from the late great Tony Williams, Brendan believes that a drummer should “try for the romance of the violin, the impact of the brass, the tenderness of the guitar.” A graduate from the StFX jazz program, Brendan has been performing throughout Eastern Canada for the past decade and calls Halifax home. Outside of Superfluid he plays funk and soul music with Roxy and the Underground Soul Sound, and freelances on the jazz scene and in a range of styles. Brendan leads and composes for his modern jazz ensemble, The Forward Bound.


Samm Fischer - Singer/ Flutist

Samm has been known to serenade coffee shop patrons with her sweet tunes when she is not out rocking with Superfluid. A fan of ethereal sounds and folk music, she is known to frequent Aurora shows when she is isn’t serenading or capturing the world in her beautiful photography.


Seth Voliere - Guitar

Halifax born musician who loves his local community and can often be spotted at local gigs raising his arms in the air in sheer excitement. He loves the rush and freedom that can be found in Improvised music, but holds the carefully stitched songwriting techniques close to his heart.


Behrooz Mihankhah - E.Piano/keys

He commands a rich taste in music which is only matched by the taste in his shirts. He was one of the very first members to join Superfluid and play through it’s many forms in the first couple of years. A jazz aficionado, Behrooz can be found in the classrooms and libraries of St FX University trying to grasp a deeper understanding of the musical cosmos when he is not slaying a Superfluid set at a festival, theatre, hall or pub near you. He is also the composer/bandleader/e.piano player for his jazz/fusion project Lazeez.